Season 2
Light World Conference

I Like Big Boots
It’s Mitts
Kinda Rando Retired
Les French Canadians
Link, uh, Finds A Way
Swedish Rubbers
Team HotDish
The Spoilers

16-Bit Nerds
Clown Parade
Pug Trio
The Immortals
The Longshots
Third Strongest Mole
Yu-Tang Clan

Did You Check Your Boot
Double Dippers
Forfeiters R’ Us
Guardians of the Galaxy Brain
Hyrule Track and Field
Spaceballs: The Rando Team

But We’re Buddies
Grouchy Old Men
Team Kappa
Team We’re Bad At Team Names
The Missing Links
Where In The World Is Our Goshdarn Bombos
Will Pull Ped For Food

Dark World Conference

A Link to the West Coast
Error 216
Land of the Blind
Last Locationers
Magic Lamp Oil
Missing Bow
Team Challenged
The Sexy Ganons

Feline Paralysis
Major Mistakes
noble foxes
Reheated Leftovers
Shovel Is the True Go Mode
Team すごい (Awesome)
Ups, da war es auch nicht

Furaime Will Give an Interview If We Win
I’ve Got a Temper(ed)
Old Swaga Jackson
Super Salty Dungeoneers
Talking Heads
The CoolRushGamers
Yoshis On Skis

Beard Force One
Broken Triforce
Phendrana Drifters
Team 63 ¹⁄³
The Titan’s Mitts
Tile Roomies
What Are You Doing In My Swamp.. Palace